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AMSWALL Nintendo Switch-adaptive Taiko & Tadashi dedicated controller Nintendo Taiko game controller high sensitivity

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A dedicated controller for the Nintendo Switch dedicated software, "The Master of the Drums Nintendo Switch B-Jon!" Connectable to the Nintendo Switch Dock. Let's beat the drums and make everyone excited ♪

Good sensitivity: Built-in high-speed MCU microcontroller, it is a high sensitivity specification that responds well to light tapping. The drum surface has a good elasticity and you can enjoy a lot of strokes. In addition, we connect two masters of taiko controllers and can use two-person play ♪

With operation controller: There is an operation button that is designed separately from the drum. You can avoid hitting the control button accidentally in the game. You can operate even in the game ♪

How to connect: There are two ways to connect a drummaster: connecting to a television through the Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Dock. One Type-C conversion adapter is included to connect directly to the Switch Taiko body. Note: To connect the wired controller to the switch console, you need to configure the following: System Configuration-Controller and Senseors-Pro Controller Wired Communication. ♪

Convenient for storage: Two long-sized exclusive bees with a total length of approximately 27 cm are included. In addition, it is convenient for storage as we can attach bachi to exclusive stands. Note: The white rubber on the drum is removable and can be reinstalled. ♪

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